Something Fishy

Just when I was starting to feel hopeful that winter was done and the Great Melt had come upon us it snowed today.

Boston broke all snow records and we ended up with a gazillion feet of snow.

Mr Sibs and I braved the snow and headed off to Jordan’s Furniture to buy all new furniture for the house that is so very nearly finished. We both hate shopping but fortunately we tend to agree on styles and colours and when we don’t I’m quick to acquiesce, as is he.  It took two hours which wasn’t bad considering we had five rooms to furnish. My back was killing me and I was strongly tempted to linger for several hours in their sleep lab to rest on the Tempupedic mattress we decided to buy. The mattress was the quickest purchase. We’ve had one for ten years and we’d never buy another brand.

After a lovely dinner cooked by Mr Sibs (I’m on a life time cooking ban) I decided to treat myself to one of my more expensive sheet masks.

It’s from a favorite online vendor and is Sea Kelp.

The mask is totally organic. There’s no water in it. They claim it adheres to the face but I found it as slippery as, well, sea kelp. It smells like it came straight from the sea. There’s no parabens, dyes or fragrance. I kind of wish they’d thrown some fragrance in. It really does smell like the beach at low tide

So does Sea Kelp work or is it just another gimmick to prise more $$$ out of us in pursuit of perfect skin?

Companies like La Prairie have been using it for years. It’s being developed for jet fuel. Jet what?  It’s a good fertilizer for your plants and has apparent health benefits.

As for the claims of hydration for your skin. A firm yes from me.

Anti aging?  The jury is still out. My skin did feel smooth, hydrated and soft but when I took the mask off Mr Sibs said “you’ve got some nasty black smegma above your lip”.  I guess that was a bit of sea kelp and it soon rubbed off.

I give it 6 out of 10 Sibsie points. It’s too expensive to use on a regular basis. I’d also suggest using it when your Mr Sibsie isn’t around.  They tend to make very unhelpful and annoying comments.

If you want to try a cheaper version without the fancy organic bio gel delivery. Try This.

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