Fab Fit Fun

No, the above is not a description of me.  At least, not today.

I’ve been missing in action for a couple of weeks while Mr Sibs and I finished up on the renovations to our house and the whole moving in process.  I’ve moved countries three times but moving a mere 10 feet was an epic production in comparison.  The  renovation took over a year from start to finish.  If it hadn’t been for the whole, Mr Sibs gets cancer thing, we probably could have knocked at least four months off that but we’ve finally finished and are now settled in.

Of course what do you want to do approximately 10 minutes after you’ve scraped the last of the paint off the windows?  Have a slumber party for 10 of your closest friends.  Said no one ever.  But that’s what we did and it was a fun, if exhausting night.

So I’m back at work now after my knee surgery and was relaxing on the new sofa resting up before I head to work tonight, when Larry the mailman knocked on the brand new door with a delivery.  Larry seems even happier than we are that he no longer has to schlep around to the back of the house where the inlaw apartment entrance is.  He had a Fab Fit Fun delivery for me.

I’ve given up on every subscription box out there apart from this.  I find that when these boxes first launch they’re great, then as the months go by the quality deteriorates and they’re just not worth it any more.  This box is one that delivers bang for its buck every time.  It’s a seasonal box and for $49.99 ($5 off with the code NEW5) you get a delivery four times a year.  I tend to forget all about it until it arrives so it’s like Christmas in April today.

Much excitement as I opened it.


Everything in it was perfect for me.  I was ridiculously excited about the coasters.  Not only did I need more but they had my home town of London on them. I couldn’t have loved them more.  The Orly BB nail treatment was a new one for me but again badly needed.  My nails have taken a beating over winter and with moving, so they’re not up to a proper nail polish just yet and this was ideal.  The BB nail creme retails for $15 and the coasters are $16


There was also a scarf retailing at $42, a great Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster serum retailing at $48 and a fitness DVD that I’ll be taking on trips with me.  I just can’t work out like I used to since my last injury which has really got me down.



The total value of all the goodies in the box is $273.89 and anything you don’t use is great for your re-gifting drawer.

I give it 10 out of 10 SIbsie points.

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