Happy Feet

I’ve been slack with blogging lately.  First came the great snows then the great sickness.  It started with a slight cough and turned into a full on bronchitis with raging fever.  At its peak it was 102 and I looked much like this…


Once the fever broke I hopped in the car, drove straight to the airport and worked a trip to London.  I’m not exaggerating in the slightest here.  Fever broke around 9am and I was on the road at 2pm.  Armed with an inhaler, antibiotics and some tylenol I set off to work my trip.  Now there are two things that flight attendants care about.  Their feet.  When you do finally land in whatever city your trip has taken you to and want to trot around town, it’s all about the comfort.  I’ve been procrastinating for years about buying Tieks and finally decided to bite the bullet and buy them.  The deciding factor was a quick inventory of my shoes.  I’ve spent hundreds on an assortment of flats that give me blisters, lack style, make my feet hot and sweaty and are just agony to wear.  On a recent trip I had to call it a day and go back to my hotel as my flats had given me a nasty blister after about 20 minutes walking.

Tieks are not cheap.  The entry level is $175 and goes up to a whopping $295.  They claim all sorts of wonders to justify the price.

  • 100% premium, soft, full-grain leather
  • The back of your Tieks are cushioned rather than elasticized to ensure your Tieks are never too tight on your heel
  • The non-skid rubber patchesand cushioned instep assure comfort with each step, so you can wear your Tieks all day, every day. The thick padding of the space foam cushion ensures a safe and comfortable heel strike.
  • The brown leather outsole on each pair of Tieks is treated and coated to be flexible, and yet more durable and sturdy than regular full-grain leathers
  •  Each pair of Tieks comes with a compact pouch to compress your folded Tieks when they are in your purse and a reusable tote for your heels.

Yadda yadda blah blah.  But still at $175 for the basic pair is it worth it?  They came in three days with free shipping and I should think shipping would be free at that price.  Really they should be delivered by winged unicorn.

tieks box

They come in a cute box with adorable bow that could double as a headband (if you really wanted to look like a wanker).

There’s a hand written note which is a nice touch.

tieks card

One thing I do appreciate being an air warrior is that they fold in half so take up hardly any room in my rollaboard.


So what did I think?  They were insanely comfortable.  They required zero breaking in.  According to my fitbit I racked up 8k steps in these up and down stairs, across town on the underground to visit my parents.  I walked on grass, uneven ground, paving and carpet.  They weren’t slippy which is a common complaint with ballet flats.  No blisters, no pain around the heels which is why I’ve always hated ballet flats and I loved the fuschia colour which matches nothing and therefore goes with everything.


But I still can’t get over the price of $175 and with no deals around for them and very very few offers from Tieks for that reason I will score them 7 out of 10 Sibsie points.

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