Soaking the bloating 

Back in June last year I twisted my knee pretty badly. I had surgery in December but was left with a chronic condition called CPPD. It means that calcium crystals are attacking my knee and is very painful. 

Working on a plane has challenges for me. About an hour into my flight to London my knee gets really hot and swollen. It’s like having fizzing sunburn inside my knee. The other delightful side effect of flying is what we call “jet belly”. I land limping and looking like a puffer fish. 

On my layover I went to my new favourite place, Viva Acai on Gloucester Road in Kensington. If you’re ever in London it’s so worth a visit. It’s owned by a lovely lady and I was her first customer when she opened. She’s done a soft launch so her website isn’t up and running yet. I try to eat light in London to help with said jet belly and this stuff is amazing. 


Next I popped to Boots The Chemist which is a beloved pharmacy chain in England and bought myself some Epsom Salts. Just £1.75 for a miracle in a pot. 


Note that they sell this in England ostensibly for constipation. I don’t know why but my people are all about the constipation. We’re obsessed with bowel movements. In the U.S. when you visit a doctor the first thing they do is take your blood pressure. Over here, they ask about bowel movements. 

 Epsom salts do so much more than cure your sluggish bowels. I’ve used them to treat absesses on horses hooves with great success and there’s nothing better than soaking in the bath with a cup of the stuff. I know my American friends have issues with baths and typically prefer a shower but I and my people love taking baths. I like to shower and deep condition my hair and then soak in a nice warm bath. 

Not only does the Epsom Salts soothe aching muscles and joints it relieves bloat. It’s medically proven by people who like to medically prove these things, to get rid of water retention. It also relives stress, removes toxins, does marvellous things for the pancreas and can prevent and improve migraines.  All this and it works as a garden fertiliser. Amazing. 

10 out of 10 Sibsie points for this “granny was right” all star performer. 

3 thoughts on “Soaking the bloating 

  1. Okay I am going to buy Epsom salt on my way home today. Who know it could work for ALL those things?! I love a good tub soaking. Must be the 1/123912 English that I am. Kenney is English, right??


      1. Good old Epsom Salt is a pretty good cure all for a good price. I have found it to be great for cleansing of toxins, especially when I am into a total body cleans. Go for it! Thanks for the post!

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